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I’m finding each time that you fall, you’re just becoming who you are

The day I just wanted to go in a corner and cover my head. Remember that post? That day. The day I wanted to run away from photography and everything to do with photography. I was ready to pull a Daley Hake and just quit photography all together and go around saying “I hate photography” all because I didn’t have photoshop and because I didn’t have photoshop my pictures “weren’t good.” But then I was blessed with finding some of the most brilliant words from brilliant photographers. Brittni Willie posted on twitter the other day “My photography is for me and no one else. I shoot for me.” Earlier this week I found an old post on Daley’s blog about how he had quit photography and told people he hated photography. In his post he says “I spent too much time letting people define my art. I spent too much time allowing fear to define my art (can I get an amen? anyone?)… I feel like artists must reach a point where they let go. Where they stop manipulating their art into a commodity or vehicle to get them things they think they need… So here is to starting over. Trading in cynicism for positivity — arrogance for humility — complacency for a sense of urgency in life — apathy for creative living.

I cannot thank either of these photographers enough for reminding me to do photography for myself and no one else… for the love of photography… for the fact that it is my God-given gift.

1 Peter 4:10 My absolute favorite verse. I know I do the clean slate thing a lot myself and each time I tell myself.. I really am going to live out this verse this time! I really really am going to! I feel that with this project I really am starting to live it out. I mean sure my photography is for me and only me, but it is also to spread God’s grace and love. You wonder why I pick a song and some quote or verse each day? That is one reason and another is because that is how I get creative with photography… without music and quotes… I would be nothing as a photographer. Music speaks to me. The English language, literature, writing speaks to me. These are the things that hold me up as a photographer. And these are the people who hold me up as a photographer.

Tunage: Become Who You Are - Mainstay Also discovered this song the day before while listening to The Afters’ Pandora Radio Station. It was truly what I needed. Something as simple as this song is in God’s plan. He knew I was going to need it.

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